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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We are overhead garage door specialists

Trust our garage door repair services! If you have doubts go through the testimonials of our customers

The best torsion spring specialists

Your company was extremely helpful when we wanted to replace our torsion spring. Since we know nothing about garage door parts and the entire system for that matter, we really needed your help when we started hearing noises. The technician responded very fast and explained that the noise was coming from the torsion spring. It had to be replaced and we did well for calling immediately. The best thing was that he measured it and replaced it the same day he came to check the overhead door. We appreciated the speed and kindness of the technician, as well as the excellent garage door torsion spring replacement.

Had my tracks fixed fast

We couldn't understand why our overhead door was noisy but then again it was kind of obvious that the rollers wouldn't move right. We didn't think about it twice! We knew that if anyone could find what was wrong with our door it would be Garage Door Repair Lakeville. We explained that we had hit one side of the opening with the car but the door was open. The technician, who came very fast by the way, said that we have hit the track and it was kind of bent and misaligned. He had to repair it and change some fasteners. The job was over soon!

Very helpful overhead door company

We had our grandchildren to think about and so we called Lakeville Garage Door Repair for routine service. We didn't know if there was anything wrong with the door since we don't use it often now but since our family was visiting, we wanted to make sure the overhead door would move safely. We appreciated the fast response of the technician. We also liked his honesty since he told us that there was nothing wrong and he would just maintain it. He made sure the opener worked fine, the springs were alright and checked the sensors. He was awesome and so was his service.

Fast bottom seal replacement

We just needed someone to replace the bottom seal of our overhead door. We thought it would be embarrassing to call for such a small service but they reassured us at your company that all parts should be installed properly and weather seals are important as well. We loved the customer service! We also liked that they made us an appointment for the following day and the technician brought the right seal for the replacement. He was nice, worked fast and did an excellent job! We couldn't appreciate enough how helpful your company has been! We will recommend you to all our friends!

Suggested the best electric opener

While the technician of Garage Door Repair Lakeville was fixing a problem with the garage door cable, he noticed that the opener was noisy. We explained that we have it for decades and were really interested in getting a new one anyway. It was amazing! He immediately checked the system and gave us advice and options. He reassured us that he was giving us advice with strings attached on our part. We could do as we pleased and he was just telling us his professional opinion. He was very professional about it and later on we called them for opener replacement. We got the best!

Pleased with Our Track Repair

I just have to write about Garage Door Repair in Lakeville and how great their service is. My 9-year-old garage door stopped working yesterday, so I got on the phone and called them. They sent a technician later on that day and he got here right on the time scheduled. After he looked the door over, he found that somehow the garage door track was broken and the door couldn’t move. He took a little while but within about an hour or so he had completely replaced the track and now our doors are working better than even when they were brand new!

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